Keyboard Shortcuts for Xojo

OK, this started from another thread (Question: Why is the code editor a canvas? - General - Xojo Programming Forum) but I figured it would be nice to have a running go at keyboard shortcuts people are aware of in Xojo.

The official list is lacking greatly,

Keyboard shortcuts I know of beyond that, besides all your common ones such as Cmd+S, Cmd+C, Cmd+V, Cmd+X, Cmd+B, Cmd+K, …, i.e. the ones you see on the menu entries.

  • Ctrl-A = Beginning of Line
  • Ctrl-E = End of Line
  • Ctrl-T = Transpose characters
  • Ctrl-O = Open new line right where you are
  • Ctrl-K = Delete from cursor to the end of the line
  • Ctrl-Y = Yank back in your last delete
  • Ctrl-P = Previous Line
  • Ctrl-N = Next Line
  • Ctrl-F = Forward 1 character
  • Ctrl-B = Backward 1 character
  • Ctrl-D = Delete
  • Ctrl-H = Backspace
  • Opt+Delete = Delete from cursor to the end of the current word
  • Cmd+Backspace = Delete from cursor to beginning of line
  • Opt+Right = Forward 1 word at a time
  • Opt+Left = Backward 1 word at a time
  • Opt+Up = Up 1 line at a time at the beginning of the line
  • Opt+Down = Down 1 line at a time at the end of the line
  • Shift+Ctrl+Right = Select from cursor to the end of the line
  • Shift+Ctrl+Left = Select from the cursor to the beginning of the line

Most of those are available in many apps, such as your terminal or other simple text editors. Many can also be combined with the SHIFT key to select, such as Shift+Opt+Left

Anyone have some cool ones?

Nice. Some more.

  • Ctrl-Option-F = Forward 1 word
  • Ctrl-Option-B = Back 1 word
  • Option-Delete = Delete next word
  • Option-Backspace = Delete previous word

There are multiple ways to do some of them:

  • Ctrl-A OR Cmd-Left = Beginning of Line
  • Ctrl-E OR Cmd-Right = End of Line
  • Cmd-Down OR End = End
  • Cmd-Up OR Home = Home
  • Shift+(Opt OR Cmd OR Ctrl)+Left = Select from cursor to beginning of line
  • Shift+(Opt OR Cmd OR Ctrl)+Right = Select from cursor to end of line

Separately there is a large list available in the Text Shortcuts section here:

Besides a broken keyboard, why would anyone ever use Ctrl-F instead of the arrow keys?

Ctrl-F and other friends sometimes works better on some remote consoles/editors. In Xojo? No clue. Now, if it had a Vim mode, I’d be all over hjkl instead of reaching for the arrows. I do use Ctrl-A, Ctrl-E instead of home/end because it works everywhere and is easier to grab.