Keyboard repeat delay

Even if my first impressions using XOJO are very good, I am disappointed by the code editor due to a detail which has became very important since it is always there: The repeat delay after the first keypress is too long. This leads to very slow typing since I have to avoid all subsequent key presses which are taking place suddenly.

EDIT: I’ve already set to zero delay in the Windows 10 Keyboard properties settings

Hi and welcome to the community! We’re a community of users who volunteer advice to each other and try to help out :slight_smile:
The Xojo staff is off for the holidays so you may not get an official response for a while.

There are a couple threads about typing speed on Windows so you may want to poke around, but I’m not sure it’s been resolved. I don’t know a whole lot about the issue though, I’m on Mac.

Hopefully a staff member from Xojo will stop by and offer some advice for you, but you may be waiting until the holidays have passed and I just wanted you to be ready for that :slight_smile:

Welcome to Xojo, and if you have any questions please ask!

Thank you very much for your response and your welcome
To be honest I searched the forum for a while but in no depth.
These days I try to find if the XOJO meets my needs, since I am on vacation too. If XOJO will meet my needs then I’ll be very happy to help other newcomers like me, in the near future.

I cleared the XOJO cache contents and it works better. Comparing though with other editors I believe it is not fast enough.