Keyboard and iosTables

I have a bunch of custom iOSCustomTableCell objects in lists.
Works great in the debugger, but when I move to an actual iPhone I have some issues.

When I click into a iOSTextField within the custom control, the keyboard pops up and I type away happily.
When I tap into the iOSTextField next to it (in the same row / same container control), the list shifts down and I can no longer see what I’m typing.

I had a similar issue using the TextArea before, and simply had to make concessions on my ui design.

I’m positive I’m not the only one who’s experienced this.

Any work-arounds or fixes? This is kind of a show-stopper for the audience I’m after.
PS Suggesting that I tap to push to a new view and then back, would technically work, but would be a rotten user experience considering the amount of edits I anticipate. At this point it would also mean a massive rework of a lot of GUI.

@Antonio Rinaldi has an iOSTableViewExtended control (among others) which solves this problem by scrolling the table up when the keyboard appears. I wouldn’t have an app in the App Store without this control and the ARCollectionView. Highly recommended.

How complex is the retrofit?

You can just change the super of the control on the view and then play with a property to adjust the amount the table scrolls up so super quick just for that.

Awesome!!! Thanks.

Well that’s 100 euros to solve a bug that I think shouldn’t be there. That’s a bit hard to justify for a free app that I haven’t figured out how to monetize yet.
The functionally of that and the other tools looks great. I will definitely keep that on my radar for future apps.
WRT this problem, I’m going to have to exhaust other options first.

But I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the advice and the information. Thank you.

normally this type of thing is done easily by responding to notifications that the keyboard has appeared (or disappeared), and moving or scrolling affected controls by the amount equal to the height of the keyboard (bearing in mind that the keyboard is different heights based on device and style and if any “assistants” are attached)