Keep opened window attached to Main Window?

How can I have a window that, after it is being opened, always stays attached on top of the Main Window? Just now I noticed that when I have several windows open, the specific Window (which is a sheet Window), that needs to be attached to the Main Window, is instead getting attached to one of the other windows.

.showmodalwithin (self)


My Desktopwindow does not have a showmodalwithin member:
Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 12.10.55

“…” :frowning:

I am using Movable Modal winidows now instead of sheet windows, because they seem not to work on WindowsOS; now, everything works as needed. Thanks.

In API2, you have to use Show(ParentWindow as DesktopWindow) or ShowModal(ParentWindow as DesktopWindow). They are optional parameters to specify the parent window.