KAtkoSoft/Mergeable Cell Listbox Website has Moved

KAtkoSoft would like to announce that our website has moved. The new URL is: http://www.katkosoft.com

We provide add on classes for Xojo. Our primary product is the Mergable Cell Listbox which substantially expands the capabilities of the Xojo listbox.

The Mergeable Cell Listbox supports:

    • Merging and unmerging of cells across both rows and columns  in both regular and hierarchical Listboxes
    • Merging across rows with folders
    • Column resizing across merged areas
    • Editing text in merged cells
    • Inserting or deleting rows within merged area that cross rows. The merged area is either expanded or contracted as expected
    • for Multi-line text a cell:
            - Only displays lines that are fully visible and if all text is not displayed last line will have an ellipsis even if that line fits in the cell (ends a paragraph)
            - Allows specifying vertical line spacing and horizontal alignment
            - May optionally use a vertical scrollbar for in cell editing
    • Provides enhanced  methods to assign cell text attributes and borders
    • Optionally draws lines connecting folders and their children with user specified color
    • Provides Methods to:
            - Open all sublevels of a folder
            - Close all open folders
            - Inhibit the drawing of the horizontal connector line to a specific child row.

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