Kansas City User Group

Trying to find some Xojo developers in the Kansas City area for a get together. Let me know if you’re interested.

@Bob Keeney hopefully you can wrangle up people to have a get together. User Groups and Get togethers are a great boost for Xojo and the community.

I got 5 in database in a 100 mile radius. Will point them to this thread.

@Bob Keeney - Email me about this, I’m happy to contact the users in the area on your behalf and let them know about it!


I’m in. Where/when?

Dunno yet. Some of it will be finding a spot that’s convenient for everyone.

I’m in Lenexa but have no problem making it downtown or out towards Lee’s Summit. Where are you located?

I’m in Roeland Park, not far from Lenexa.

James, not getting a lot of takers so I can go completely on your schedule. Heck, if there’s just a few of us we could do lunch near work if that makes it even easier.

Hi there again. Been a minute since I was here. I’m still interested. When would be a good day for this? I’m fairly flexible. (Assuming it hasn’t already happened.)

James, I tried sending you a private message in the forums but you may not be getting the emails or don’t check frequently enough.

FWIW, I did’t get much response so maybe we’ll just do a meal somewhere and talk shop. Send me an email at bobk at bkeeney dot com and we will coordinate schedules and figure out a good place to meet.

Ah yes, I just now went in and enabled the notification settings. I’ll switch to email then…

I’m in Omaha, 3 hours away from KC. I might be interested if the timing is right.

Right now we were just talking about getting together for lunch but I have no problem switching to dinner. What’s your schedule like, Phillip? Any days work better for you or is weekend pretty much it?

It would have to be on a weekend. If that doesn’t work for you guys, don’t worry about it.