Kano kids computer kit

I got my kids the Kano computer kit based on the Raspberry Pi 2 for Christmas. It is running a custom operating system from Kano, so I thought I would need to load Raspian on a separate memory card, to try out Xojo apps. To my surprise, I was able to load a Xojo built app directly on the Kano.

The Kano kit has kids instructions for assembling the computer. Everything needed is included. The kids put the pi in a case, insert the memory card, attach wifi and bluetooth dongles, attach a speaker using the gpio pins and headphone jack. It gives the kids a great sense of accomplishment, that they have built their own computer. The kit has apps built in geared toward teaching kids to code.

This kit goes even further that not only can my kids use the coding apps built in, but we can make apps in Xojo to run to the kit.

I know what I’m getting my nieces next year :slight_smile:

Ditto - a bigger quad :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like a fun kit but since I’m “other countries” as far as shipping goes they seem to have no clue what to do with me :frowning:
I cant actually order one on the web site

I just ordered one. Seems a lot of fun. Not sure it already fits my 7 year old daughter. :slight_smile:

They seem to equate living in Canada with living on Mars or something - cant order one to even tinker with :frowning:

Do you need a proxy?

I’ll see about getting Greg or Joe or one of the guys in the US to do this as its easier for me to pay them for it (as they’d have to pay for it as well then I reimburse them)

On special until Dec. 31st, $99.99 (normal price $149.99).

Yeah even 149 isn’t hugely expensive
But - I dont need it right now so I’m going to just wait either way