Kaju stopping mid-update?

Trying to run my first Kaju update ever and running into an issue. Files are being dropped everywhere in the main folder. My initial build is about as clean as they come, a few subfolders and just .exe in the main folder. When the update is “done” (i.e., the program restarts) there are files everywhere and the exe is not replaced with the new one. See the attached image for the files “littered” about and also showing the progress (?) of the update by seeing the backup and uncompressed folders.

EDIT: The Zip file that I’m using for the update is zipping the folder that contains the executable, as per the read me.

I am on Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit.

Any thoughts?

This is how the folder structure looked before the update:

This is how the folder structure looks after the update:

Maybe it’s my phone but I don’t see the images.

Might be a permission issue. Can you try this?



I can’t tell you why it’s doing that. What does the update log in that folder say?

OK- seeing something that I skipped over in the log. I suspect that when Kaju is processing a folder, if it read 0 files processed at the end it’s being labeled as an error. The log file sort of hints at this. I had an empty folder that is filled with data after certain parts of the program are used. While doing what I’m doing now, I just installed and tried to run the update through Kaju so this folder was definitely empty. The log says 0 files processed followed by an error and the lingo about trying to restore. But at that point the restoration process definitely goes haywire. For my $0.02 I’d think that empty folders should be tolerated and maybe files processed compared to files found in the folder? But there you have it.

BTW, I confirmed the above by re-installing and placing a dummy text file in my previously empty folder and the update ran smooth as butter!

Thanks for you replies, Kem!