Kaju RSA Public Key Never Changes

I have successfully implemented kaju for one of my apps. Now I am trying to implement it for another app - however the RSA public key never changes. It is the same key from the first app. It will not work with the new .json file I get a [quote]The RSA signature of the update packet cannot be verified.[/quote] error. I have tried creating a new admin document multiple times, quitting, rebuilding the app… no matter what I do the public key never changes and does not work with any new UpdateInformation.json docs the admin app generates.

Is there some temp file or preference file that needs deleted or is somehow blocking the updating of the key?
Thanks in advance!!

Xojo for Mac 2018 r4

@Kem Tekinay

An Example from the Admin App:

The following RSA public key is given

updater.ServerPublicRSAKey = "30820120300D06092A864886F70D01010105000382010D00308201080282010100AB4776B4CC258F83CD4D36F4EE94AA132CBC33A6017C3D1FB88C6DB2200E8862B83454BA35C12EEC6903DB544262BB7221BB35B7168AE4BEFEBC07D48437D4BC9421866AD3D4DBF66B80A5827D59CA6EFA5828ED5E260246B388E19588BC329AC5059D722ED0F7E52050C346482F0E8C602A217AAABAB8900749C02C705D39AADA98E5FF940D81F74359403A55B495D1F7516528C45FBD2639391A55597FA2F7CDC209A166E43A5F2D5564848205F648B21774C3A677B552FDDDE71CE0423EA25450DA210074494DBE2AE29F6B224B3CB98D9F7E92B7419326B1D23012C2C9C58A3FA8BECB156C6247D514489180AC28202C575901CF072A8A892159AA356959020111"

The following UpdateInformation.json is given:

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
    "AppName":"Project X",
    "ReleaseNotes":"3.1 Adds the following:\
<li>settings panel</li>\
<li>ability to enter percentage for weight variance</li>\
      "URL":"https:<URL Removed>"
      "URL":"https:/<URL Removed>",

I just created multiple Kaju Admin documents and each one gives me a different public key, so I cannot reproduce this issue.

since you are super familiar with the admin app - is there anything that might come to mind that might prevent the generation of a new RSA key? It is it is saved somewhere because I created the first app quite a long time ago and it still remembers this old key.

I will try it on my home mac tomorrow and that will probably take care of the issue. I will let you know if it does.

I’m just calling the built-in Xojo function to generate the keys. As I recall, they are generated the first time that button is pressing in a document and saved with the document thereafter.