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Wondering if anyone has seen this issue. I’m using Kaju to update, everything works fine on Mac, but on Win64 I’m having a problem. On update, Kaju seems to delete the files that I’m updating, but never replaces them with the newer versions.

Per the update log, it shows all the files are copied, confirmed, the backup, decompressed and temp folders are removed, and then a DONE at the bottom. But the program never relaunches, instead I get an error message that Windows can’t find the EXE file.

The exe and therefore Kaju are running with Admin permissions.

I don’t even know where to start debugging this. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Maybe something odd in the file name or path?

Thanks Kem, it’s a very standard Program Files installation. No funky characters, nothing like that. Where is the code that does the updating itself? I would like to start there by doing some more verbose logging and step-through if possible.

Thanks again.

That’s a shell script that (IIRC) is stored in a constant.

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Thanks for that info @Kem_Tekinay. After digging through the batch file and doing a little debugging, maybe I’m not putting my update zip together correctly.

My zip file has the executable myApp.exe in the root of the zip, plus the updates that go to the Resources folder in a subfolder called “myApp Resources”

It seems the files in the resources folder are being copied to the main program folder and not the actual Resources folder where they should be updated. There are additional files in additional nested folders there too that are being copied to the main folder instead of the resources folder.

As for why the .exe is not copied to the main folder as well, I’m still working that out, but I think it’s all due to the zip file not being in the expected layout. Is there a guide for putting together an update .zip?

It seems that in my program folder, in the “myApp Decompressed” subfolder, the folder structure in there is correct, and it just needs an xcopy /s /y into the main program folder. So if all else fails I could just rework the batch file to do that.

Thanks again for any insights.

From the READ ME on the project page:

Your compiled apps for each platform must be zipped and named appropriately. For the Mac, zip the application. For the other platforms, zip the folder that contains the executable and supporting folders.

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Thank you, that sorted it out. If I might make a suggestion for the docs, the way it’s stated is a little ambiguous as your .exe must be zipped in the subfolder it resides in.

So this zip structure works:

├── myApp\
    ├── myApp.exe
    └── myApp Resources\
        ├── data.csv
        ├── license.txt

This doesn’t (how I originally interpreted the readme):

├── MyApp.exe
└── MyApp Resources\
    ├── data.csv
    ├── license.txt

Thanks for the clarification. Greatly appreciate your time and all the work you’ve put into both Kaju and Xojo overall. Cheers!

Edit: After re-reading it, I think you were pretty clear. For thick-headed folks like me a little clarification may sometimes be necessary anyway though LOL.

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