Kaju: how to add a field?

I want to add a field to the Kaju data. As far as I can see Kaju does most of the stuff by using introspection. However, it relies on setting a property called DataField. I don’t see a way to change that. According to the docs the property was deprecated for 2018r4. Can I still edit the property in the IDE?

Where did I rely on DataField? I don’t recall doing that, and I can’t find it via search.

Here for instance:

Private Function ControlDataField(c As Control) as String
  // Returns the DataField field for a control
  dim value as string
  select case c
  case IsA TextEdit
    dim fld as TextEdit = TextEdit( c )
    value = fld.DataField
  case IsA CheckBox
    dim cb as CheckBox = CheckBox( c )
    value = cb.DataField
  end select
  return value
End Function

And saving in StoreFieldsToVersionRow only relies on the DataField for the field names. Clever but pretty implicit and not explicit.

OH, the Admin app, I see.

Yes, the Data Field is on the second pane of the Inspector, even if it doesn’t show up in auto-complete.

But keep in mind that doing this will mean that you won’t easily be able to update in the future. What field are you looking to add?

The second inspector pane is a suboptimal design. Sorry, I missed that.

I have to update manually anyways because I use external xml.

I want to further automate my releases. In Kaju Admin I have to save the json file and upload it. For my 3 app versions I have to remember the correct name of the file.