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Ask Us Anything at XDC 2019

Seriously? I thought Xojo’s stance was to not comment on what is coming so not to apparently break expectations if it didn’t happen?

Are you scrapping this policy from XDC 2019 onwards or do we only get to find out things if we pay for tickets and the costs of turning up?

XDC has always had an Ask the Engineers session where you can ask anything. That doesn’t mean they’ll answer it. They will never commit to a date or any future plans beyond generalities.

On the other hand, XDC is where we will learn more about Web 2.0, the state of Android, API 2.0 and much more. No dates will be given but you’ll get a better understanding of where things are at.

I don’t think this is a different policy. It’s marketing trying to hype the event a bit. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It’s a shame that videos from older XDC videos aren’t free/inexpensive for the entire community to see what exactly goes on at XDC. There are so many good sessions that people who have never attended don’t really know what they’re missing out on. Then there is the interaction with all the Xojo developers that take place in the hall, at meals, at the events, in the lobby, etc. that even with the videos it shows just a tiny fraction of the value of going to the event.

I get that XDC videos are expensive to produce but after a certain point that information becomes less and less relevant. Geoffs keynote from two years ago doesn’t really need to be locked away behind a paywall. Sure, some sessions don’t age but many do. I know there are many in the community that would gain from access to these videos.

Or maybe make them inexpensive over time? Seems a shame to have the videos languish when they could be of some use. Even if it as a marketing tool for future XDC’s they have some value.

FWIW, we have been dropping the price over time, and we have put the videos on sale quite a bit.

They’ve even been offered for free for telling a joke during the order process…

Bob, I completely agree with you. Which would also be nice, and certainly not much of a technical effort these days, if there were a livestream to certain sessions (all would probably be too expensive) for users who don’t have the necessary small change. Especially @Geoff Perlman 's keynote and all Xojo keynotes. That would surely mean an added value for all users and not only for conference topics. You could cut yourself a slice at Apple’s and Microsoft’s keynotes. Sure, @Paul Lefebvre will surely do a webinar 2-3 weeks later, but some would also like to follow the innovations in real time.

@Dana Brown and Co., it would be nice if you think about it. Thank you.

I don’t consider $299.00 to be inexpensive for nearly 3 year old videos.

I’d just like to see an a la carte option.

Those videos are from October 2016. We plan to keep the videos available in the store for the previous two conferences (Note: there was no 2017 conference).

And what about older one’s than that?

The venues charge for bandwidth. I don’t see this happening.

Is this really standard? When I worked in event productions, we didn’t charge anything for data (only if we had to bring in temporary fiber or other hardware). I was regularly tasked with changing patch configurations on our backend to provide ample hot data ports in a given room and once connected upload and download were both unrestricted and generally about 500 Mbps each.

@Dana Brown Consider a live stream and interact with the viewers from all over the planet. This approach can make coming XDC even more special and the community happy.

And you could charge a modest fee for it, too.

Perhaps Xojo could rent a few of these PadBot’s. Save the planet.

it is very common to charge for bandwidth that can support video streaming. it is just another revenue stream.

It VERY much depends on the venue. I’ve not seen data byte caps very often, but have seen pipe bandwidth quite commonly. I’m helping run an event right now that in some prior years used to charge us $12k for 4 days of internet access which had a few VLAN drops around the building, and where the SHARED bandwidth pipe was 3Mbps between ALL devices. We’ve since negotiated a lower price but with only wifi access (no VLAN drops) at 1.5Mbps per device for up to about 50 devices, but you’d not get good quality livestreams at 1.5Mbps. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve seen bandwidth up to 900Mbps with no restrictions for a fraction of the cost. It VERY much depends on the venue. (I remember another where the SHARED bandwidth was capped at 1Mbps between ALL devices. Not fun.)

Well, the Dorint hotel charges 199 Euro per day for a 100 MBit/s fiber connection.

If we have a lot of people there, we may add that to make sure the internet is not too slow.

Well I’ve left this alone for long enough, at least I know those that could have responded have read it.

It think my comment went over some heads as its garnered a few likes when it was intended to highlight the irony of the situation.

Happy to give them away for a bit of marketing, but not to those who spend time submitting feedback tickets to help improve your product? Would that qualify as a joke if I sent that in next year on national joke day?

No official response on my OP other a few clicks from those who could have answered.

Do we get spoilers or not?


[quote=425183:@JulianS]Do we get spoilers or not?

I believe I already answered the question.