Just Code Challenge Winners!

The Just Code Challenge is finished! For 14 weeks this summer, participants of the challenge created 105 different projects in Xojo.

I’m happy to announce the winners!

The big winner is Christian Mézes who gets a Xojo Pro license + $100 cash!

Additional winners are Robert Weaver and Jay Jennings who receive a Xojo Lite license.

All participants will be receiving a Xojo swag bundle which includes a Xojo duffel bag and other swag.

I hope everyone had fun participating in the Just Code Challenge. I certainly enjoyed looking at all the wonderful projects that were created. And I even made quite a few fun things myself! You can find all my projects and links to other projects in the Xojo Blog.

We will do this again next summer so if you have suggestions for improvements or ideas on how we can get this challenge out to even more people, please let me know: paul@xojo.com

Thanks for participating and congratulations to the winners!

P.S. All participants should be hearing from me soon to get appropriate contact info.

@Paul Lefebvre - do you have a link-list to the 105 submitted projects ? Would be nice to keep some.

This, yes. No so much “keep” but check out and learn from them and also share them with people just getting started.

I do not have a list yet. But I will put one together.

For now you have to peruse the various threads in the forum that are linked here:


List of all submitted projects now available: