Just Code Challenge Week 1 Projects


It’s the first week of the Just Code challenge so Paul starting with pretty simple Color Picker app.

Read more about it: #JustCode Challenge Week 1 – Color Picker – Xojo Programming Blog
Download the Color Picker project source: http://files.xojo.com/JustCode/ColorPicker.xojo_binary_project.zip

Please share your projects for week 1 of the Just Code challenge in this thread. Download other projects and discuss!

A simple example of Conway’s „Game of life“ and a simple example of „Langton’s ant“ written in Xojo.

Project source: Download

Project source: Download

Long story short, I’ve committed to learning Xojo and going to attempt the long play with my submissions. Each submission should improve upon the last or be a piece of my end result.

First Submission: I’m creating my own listbox from a canvas. Re-inventing the wheel? Maybe a little, but I’m learning. (more features to come!) It’s only a start, so it can’t do much as this point, but you can scroll with the mouse and change row height while holding shift and scrolling

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/44xghyzkn62m7xe/Listbox%20Canvas%20Alpha0%20180622.xojo_binary_project?dl=0

iOS Weather App.


  • Using an API
  • Working with JSON
  • Custom Table Cells
  • Using user’s location


A simple project as a thank you to this forum

Dealing with Fonts Family and Styles

The front window:

BTW: MacOS only.
Create with Xojo 2015r1, tested on El Capitan. I hope this works on more recent versions.

It’s still Friday here in Alaska… :wink:

Presenting the iTunes Affiliate Link Maker. Here’s a 1-minute video that shows what my entry does:

And here’s a link to the project itself:

Glad to have found out about #JustCode in time for this first Friday!


Also posted in the other challenge thread, but to keep everything in one place:

A very simple loading of csv-data (it will be part of a web app later actually) from our library backend systems. To check the functionality, the Chillkat Xojo plugin (free) has to be downloaded.

Project and small sample data


Hope it counts, as the app does nothing else than insert data into a database. So it only has one button :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re willing to stretch the definition of “Friday” :slight_smile:

Great to see all these submissions! 1 down, 13 weeks to go!

Didn’t realize we were supposed to post in this thread.

Simple calculator. My first complete desktop app.


No problem, it was week 1 and we’re all getting the hang of it.

Next Friday, we’ll post Paul’s next project and everyone can share their projects in that same thread. Make sure to download and learn from the other participants’ projects - that’s half the fun!

Just Code Challenge Week 2 conversation now open.

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