Just Code Challenge Week 1 & 2 Recap

People are having fun this summer by just coding! Here’s a recap what some have made in the first two weeks:

[h]Week 1[/h]

A few of my favorites are noted below, but you can find all the projects for week 1 in these two forum conversations: Just Code Challenge, Week 1 Projects

Bill Kapeles created a simple app that uses a SQLite database to track topic ideas for any writing you do, such as for articles or blog posts. He called it Write Idea – I love that name!

Chad Posner started on his multi-week ListBox Canvas control as a way to learn Xojo.

Christian Mézes created a version of the classic Conway’s Game of Life simulation. I’ve always wanted to try this myself.

Wayne Golding and Jonathan Eisen each created simple calculators.

Jeremie Leroy made an iOS app that displays the weather for your location.

[h]Week 2[/h]

All the week 2 projects are in the Week 2 Projects forum conversation. Here are some of note:

Christian Mézes returned with another graphical entry, this time bouncing bubbles.

David Feugey created something interesting by combining the Evaluator XojoScript example with the clipboard to have it evaluate expressions in the clipboard and then put the result into the clipboard. Pretty cool. Everything is a remix!

Jay Jennings made a mini Soundboard for playing sound files.

Tim Parnell made a project to show you how to do live searching with a ListBox.

Week 3 just ended and projects are starting to roll in. Post yours to the Week 3 Project conversation in the forum. I can’t wait to see what people make in Week 4.

A reminder that you only need to complete 10 projects in order to qualify for any of the prizes so jump in now!