Just Code Challenge Submissions

By my count people made 106 projects for the Just Code Challenge. I’ve collected them by person here. You can find links to all my projects in the Just Code Challenge blog post. Thanks again to everyone that participated!

[h]David Feugey (14)[/h]

[h]Robert Weaver (13)[/h]

[h]Christian Mzes (12)[/h]

[h]Stefan Watermann (11)[/h]

[h]Wolfgang Schwarz (10)[/h]

[h]Jay Jennings (10)[/h]

[h]Jonathan Eisen (9)[/h]

[h]Rutger de Jong (8)[/h]

[h]Chad Posner (5)[/h]

[h]Bill Kapeles (4)[/h]

[h]Christoph De Vocht (2)[/h]

[h]Tim Parnell (2)[/h]

[h]Paul Sondervan (2)[/h]

[h]James Dooley (1)[/h]

[h]Paul Budd (1)[/h]

[h]Jeremie Leroy (1)[/h]

[h]Emile Schwarz (1)[/h]

nice collection of real user examples to add to the next Xojo release !