Jump to any control with tab key

My app is running on Mac and Windows. The app has almost 200 controls in one window. Related controls are grouped together in group boxes. Is it possible to jump with the tab key (key.asc = 09) from any control to any control?

At this point of time it is only possible for consecutive text fields. But not to a radio button or a combo box or anything else.

The TabIndex for all controls is numbered from top left to bottom right on the screen in ascending order.

My last attempt was in event KeyDown to reach the next control with SetFocus. Unfortunately did not work. The first control is a ComboBox, the next a radio button.

On macOS this is a system level setting.

Image: (no longer needed, Tim fixed it)

I do not tested that with Mojave, but on all previos macOX versions, a click in All controls cannot be reverted durably (it revert to All controls after reboot).

So, do not do that. Or if you know how to really revert that, share the how to, please.

Thanks, Alberto. I had used dl=1 and not raw=1 by mistake.

Emile, that’s not common. I have never had an issue. Try repairing permissions on your system, and correcting the setting again. Additionally, you can use a keyboard shortcut, so be sure you’re not hitting that inadvertently during your regular usage.