JSONItem Value is array?

I want to know if a Value of a JsonItem is an array:
CleanShot 2022-07-21 at 14.15.17@2x

and it is clear that this particular one isn’t:

but why am I getting an error, when I just want to have a returned false? I mean, it knows that it’s not an array obviously? Do I really have to try/catch this situation?

What’s the JSON behind the Ji JSONItem? What actually is in Value(i)?

It fails at “specification”

      "attribute":"Kindersitz | im Rollstuhl",

The issue is that you are treating an object as if it were an array. You can’t access items in an object by index, only by name.


if Ji.Value( Ji.KeyAt( i ) ).IsArray then ...

If JI is the {} object within the root arry:

if Ji.Child("spezification").isArray Then
// Child returns a JSONItem
// Value returns a variant 
end if