I realize that EscapeSlashes is deprecated but it seems to also not be working with 2021 r1.1

If I run the following code:

dim js as new JSONItem
dim s as string
dim sEscapeTrue as string
dim sEscapeFalse as string

s = “{”“type”":"“com.woodwing.studio/object/copied”"}"

js.EscapeSlashes = true
sEscapeTrue= js.ToString

js.EscapeSlashes = false
sEscapeFalse = js.ToString


… and at the beep check the sEscapeFalse and sEscapeTrue variables… they are both the same and there are no “slashes” in either… Running under an older version of Xojo I do get the slashes in sEscapeTrue.

It seems this another jsonitem regression in 2021?

That property is gone. The new underlying engine doesn’t support it.

I would rather get a complier error on “js.EscapeSlashes = <true/false>” than to have my app fail to work as expected.