I would like to import a JSON returned from one brazilian zip code webservice. My Xojo code is:

[code]Dim Socket As New HTTPSocket
Dim result As String
Dim jsonData As Text

Socket.SetRequestContent("", “application/json; charset=utf-8”)
result = Socket.get(“viacep.com.br/ws/29042765/json/”, 30)
jsonData = DefineEncoding(result, Encodings.UTF8).ToText

Dim d As Xojo.Core.Dictionary
d = Xojo.Data.ParseJSON(jsonData)

Dim theAdress As Xojo.Core.Dictionary = d.Value(1)
Dim cep As Text = theAdress.Value(“cep”)
Dim logradouro As Text = theAdress.Value(“logradouro”)[/code]

the JSON received from webservice is:

{ "cep": "01001-000", "logradouro": "Praa da S", "complemento": "lado mpar", "bairro": "S", "localidade": "So Paulo", "uf": "SP", "unidade": "", "ibge": "3550308", "gia": "1004" }

My code doesn’t work, with many erros. Could someone help-me?

It should be maybe:

// UNUSED Dim theAdress As Xojo.Core.Dictionary = d.Value(1)
Dim cep As Text = d.Value("cep")
Dim logradouro As Text = d.Value("logradouro")

Since what you receive is an object not an array

You didn’t specify what the errors were, but right away I can see that you can’t get d.Value( 1 ). First, the keys to JSON are case-sensitive strings, so “1” wouldn’t work anyway, but there isn’t even the string “1”. I think you are trying to get the top level, but ParseJSON already does that for you. All you need is:

dim cep as text = d.Value( "cep" )

Perfect! Saluti