JSON parsing problem

I have a textfile containing JSON data. I read the textfile into a buffer and convert the JSON data to an array of type Variant:

[code] 'convert Data to JSON
dim Trip as new JSONItem(textBuffer)
dim TripDic as new Dictionary
'convert JSON to Dictionary

TripDic = JSONToDictionary(Trip)
dim CarData() as Variant

'convert Dictionary to array
TripsArray = TripDic.Values[/code]

When I read TripsArray it contains 3 elements:

First element is a String and correct.
Second element is an Object containing multiple Dictionaries:

Every Dictionary contains the data I want:

The last array element is a dictionary:

How do I get the data of the Object and the Dictionary?

Thanks for your help.

Check this Post1

I’d convert it to an array of class instances where each instance is a “trip” but …

Why not trying the new framework?

Parsing and Generating works way nicer

By the way, always parse within a Try…Catch, to be sure

Thanks, I will read those posts.

@Edwin, it is wrapped in Try…Catch but not visible.

You mean, it does not show a messagebox?

Not visible in this chunk of code… that is.

Ah, I see