JSON Parse Q using Dictionary

I am trying to access the array of items in cells when I parse my json (sample below). I can access the title and cell values - but I can’t figure out what i need to do in my inner loop to navigate the cells array items…

The for each “tx” works… the for each “cx” doesn’t work

dim celldict as Xojo.Core.Dictionary Dim contents As xojo.core.Dictionary = Xojo.Data.ParseJSON(TextArea1.Text.ToText) For Each tx As xojo.core.DictionaryEntry In contents msgbox(tx.Key) For Each cx as xojo.core.DictionaryEntry in contents.value("cells") msgbox(cx.key) Next Next

Json Sample

{ "title": "3 - Cell Operations", "cells": [ { "type": "text", "data": "<div>Cell operations are very powerful, while intuitive to learn.</div><div><br></div><div>The most important one is to create a new cell, which you have already learned. Press “shift+return” (??) to create a new cell just below the current cell. By default the new cell is created as a text cell, but you can easily convert it to other cell types if you like.</div><div></div>" }, { "type": "text", "data": "There are several ways to convert one cell type to another. You can use the popup button in the toolbar, or keyboard shortcuts (??1 to convert to a text cell, ??2 to convert to a code cell, ??3 to convert to a Markdown cell, ??4 to convert to a LaTeX cell, ??5 to convert to a diagram cell). You can find these options under the “Cell” menu." }, { "type": "text", "data": "Another important cell operation is to merge two cells. Simply place the cursor at the beginning of the second cell, then press the “backspace” key. <u>Note that you can’t merge cells of different types.</u>" }, { "type": "text", "data": "<div>Sometimes you might want to add a new cell at the current cursor position. You can use the \"New Cell At Cursor\" (??I) menu item to do that.</div>" }, { "type": "text", "data": "<div>You can also cut, copy or paste a cell, split a cell, move a cell up or down. All these cell operations and their corresponding keyboard shortcuts can be found under the “Cell” menu.</div>" } ] }

Quick and dirty way to view each data item:

Dim contents As xojo.core.Dictionary = Xojo.Data.ParseJSON(ta.Text.ToText) dim a() as auto = contents.Value("cells") for each d as Xojo.Core.Dictionary in a MsgBox(d.Value("data")) next

Just a side issue.
If your after speed use einhugur’s jsonnode plugin.
Ive used most json options from jsonitem, to MBS version to new framework.
This one is very very fast and simple to use.