JSON-File Creation


Level (ID) Tag (Content)

I can parse every line via RegEx maybe like this:

RegEx.SearchPattern = "^(\\d+)\\s*(?:\\S+)?\\s*(\\S+)\\s*(?:.*)?"


0 1 Animal 1 Gender Male 1 Name Mule 2 Givenname Emil 3 Givenname_RU ????? 2 Surname Mule 1 Event 2 Type Birth 2 Date 01.01.2015 2 Place Boston 3 Country USA
I am loading the Textfile via Textinputstream and parse Line per Line.
[h]My Question[/h]
How to get these Structure dynamically into a working and valid JSON-File?

you will have to write parser that takes the file above, parses it creating the JSON items one by one adding it to the “master” jsonitem. making a complete/correct json.