Json data type included in response

I’m trying to read some Json data from a server but the answer includes explicitly the data type like:

array(3) {
string(7) “success”
string(65) “All campaigns retrieved with type: template & status: temp_active”
array(4) {
array(1) {
array(13) {

to be able to read the Json data I need to remove array(3), string(7), etc. Is there any way to get Json data directly from such an answer or do I need to remove the elements before?


This is not json

Right. That’s the PHP representation of an associative array.

Alejandro - is that actually the data that is coming from the server? If so, you should go back to the server code and use json_encode (PHP) on the data before sending it to your xojo app as text.

You usually get that result Alejandro when you call the PHP var_dump function.

Thanks for showing me the way, it was due to the use of var_dump.

Changing to echo json_encode works fine and gives json data back.