JSON Cleared?

I am very baffled at this behavior. I am using Xojo 2018r3. When I inspect jChore.ToString after setting each of the .Values, the entire JSON string is there. However, if I break at Return jChore, .ToString is blank. What am I missing?

[code]Public Function APIChoresPOSTComplete(familyID As String, choreID As String, jParams As JSONItem) as JSONItem
Dim jChore As new JSONItem

Dim assignmentID As String = jParams.Value(“id”).StringValue

if choreComplete(assignmentID, True) then
jChore.Value(“responseCode”) = 200
jChore.Value(“id”) = assignmentID
jChore.Value(“completed”) = GMTSeconds.ToText

jChore.Value(“responseCode”) = 400
jChore.Value(“errorMessage”) = dbErrorMessage

end if

Return jChore
End Function

It’s probably a method that needs to be called before it resturns a value. When you have called it one time, then it shows a value in the debugger