Jeremie Leroy's web calendar

Hello guys,

Did anyone managed to make this work on the latest Xojo ?

Unfortunately on his repo, he has some controls locked and you cannot do anything without those , it seems that he forget about them .


Pinging @Jeremie_L

I don’t know if he is working with Web2.

Hi guys,

I hadn’t noticed one of the classes was locked. The repo is now updated.

FYI, WebCalendarView is a Web1.0 project only. I do not recommend using it anymore.
The Calendar from is Web2.0, regularly updated and much nicer to use.


thanks Jeremie, I was just curious about the code and how it runs but after I realized that is 1.0 and I don’t see the web still good enough to be able to have a web app. so back to desktop .

Thanks again