JavaScript DashBoard in Desktop application

I just wanted to ask your opinion about my approach as for making a Dashboard.
My application is a Desktop version, and normally get database data and remote server data, then display through lots of listbox and some graph.

I’m considering to make a dashboard to show more big information to user simply.
From searching for web, I realized that there are so many options like JavaScript for making a chart easily.

I’m not good at web environment.
Can you let me know how I can use that JavaScript version of Chart in my Desktop application?
If I use HTMLViewer or Websource Control to incorporate that feature, it doesn’t sound good?

Speaking for Windows Platform, it is important hat you register your App in Windows Registry first. Otherwise the IE rendering mode in Webviewer will be limited or crippled down to IE7 standards with less CSS and Javascript support. This sounds more complicated than it really is. Just check/do this on each program start. Xojo has built in functions for this. Get more information on this here:

When using Webkit/Chrome Engine there is also a crippled down mode for security reasons I guess (e.g. no cookies) but Christian made a plugin or workaround on this I’ve read recently. Maybe he is reading this post? Christian?

When working with temp files be sure you use the system or users temp folder for them and I strongly suggest to delete them on your programs’ exit. It seems to me there is no carbage collection on both Mac and Win Platforms so these files may bloat your disk space sooner or later.

just my 5 cents…

Thank you so much.

Windows 10 has changed the keys mentioned in the article pointed to. See