Javacript excute without webbrowser


Is it possible using execute javascript without webbrowser ?
I use easytcpsocket and i can connect to server
I have file .js with functions object used normaly in html5
I’m searching solution for execute js function without browser


That won’t get you much. A web browser also has a css engine and a DOM engine (for manipulating the page). Without those JavaScript from an html5 page probably won’t run anyway.

It is for gameserver.
Js file have functions to communicate with server.
But, html5 is just a sample exemple.
There more one format, js,unity3d,c++,java,etc for the same server game but no xojo

You would need to figure out what it’s doing to communicate with the server, and then translate that into Xojo.

I think so, but js have functions in functions and may be hard to translate
I need an expert javascript :slight_smile:

You would need an expert in whatever game engine you’re using. You said they offer other example languages - those might prove to be more useful than the JavaScript one; or simply additional knowledge.

You are right… I could rewrite all my program but… I would just know if solution is possible.

Thanks jean-paul … I will read it


I have a little question ( may be stupid )
Is it possible to intercept event from javascipt ?
I can send call click on button object in htmlviwer ( function startSample(button) ) but I would like intercept return of function. is it possible ? ( this.log(“Connection ready with Nuggeta!”); )