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Let me translate so that a Xojo representative can respond. He is asking whether Xojo has stopped Japanese language support. He notes that Japanese language resources on the web including the Blog and various PDF documents are no longer present.

I think current support it handled by Yoshitaka MURAOKA
See http://documentation.xojo.com/Resources:Japanese


[quote=442150:@Norman Palardy]I think current support it handled by Yoshitaka MURAOKA
See http://documentation.xojo.com/Resources:Japanese[/quote]
Yoshitaka MURAOKA tells me that as of May 18 this is no longer true
You should contact Xojo Inc directly about Japanese support

Hi! Though @Yoshitaka Muraoka is still a valued member of this community, he is no longer offering direct sales support. Sales and Technical Support for Xojo is all filtered through hello@xojo.com. Send us an email and we’ll get you to a team member who can help you :slight_smile:

You can download docs in Japanese here http://documentation.xojo.com/Resources:Japanese

API 2.0???


API 2.0 clearly requires a revision to the Japanese document. Please let us know when the Japanese document has been updated to include the necessary revisions.

???copy and past ???

???debag mode ???


I’m an amateur programmer. Thank you.

The model has been renewed. From the old macbookpro to the latest model of Imac.
XOJO is also new.
Please tell me the easy way to convert the old program (source) to the new version of XOJO.
At the moment it is converted by copy and past.

Also, when running in debag mode, it is very slow. Is this normal?

(by google translation)

Copy your old project to the new iMac
Open the project with Xojo

You might need to rename it with a new extension to get Xojo to recognize it. If it is a binary project with an RBP extension you can change the file extension to XOJO_BINARY_PROJECT. If the old project is an XML one you can use the extensions XOJO_XML_PROJECT. If it is an old plain text project stored in many files you can use the extensions XOJO_PROJECT
(translated with google translate)



Norman Palardy SAMA
Thank you for answering.
Where is the XOJO PROJECT extension?


???Real basic???Export???

PROJECT extension???Xojo???Plugin???SDK?Xojo???


Kazuto Ohshima ??


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