IveBeenThinking Software release gPDF graphics class for Xojo

This is a custom class designed for developers using the Xojo™ programming environment and is designed to work with applications written for use with Apple OSX/macOS™ , Microsoft Windows™, Linux, Console and Web applications. For OSX it requires version 10.7 or above, and for Windows version 7.

gPDF uses the same Graphics syntax you have been using for the Xojo Canvas and Picture object, making it very easy to create complex PDF documents without having to learn a new and complex framework. The gPDF users guide (link below) gives details on all the commands, and any enhancements or restrictions as compared to their use with Xojo graphic objects.

This class has been tested in the following environments

Linux (Mint)
Console App
Web App
it is not compatible with “Xojo for iOS”

The evaluation demo project (at the link below) contains sample code that can be compiled for all of these environments.

for more information including the online Users Manual, please goto http://www.rdS.com/gpdf