I've launched... yay, and phew!

Always happy to share a little success:

I have created an app named SpeckCheck that runs on iOS. I’m launching it under the banner of my partner’s business (ColorCasters).

This is a very simple, straightforward, and helpful app for color professionals. It allows you to measure a printed target and verify if you are in compliance with specific industry standard print specification, or to create your own in-house specification so you can track and control consistency.

It also has the ability to store a color library, which is searchable by measurement.

Measurement is the most exciting thing about the solution. I’m working with Nix Sensor out of Hamilton Ontario, who make hand-held color measurement devices that work with mobile devices. – This is pretty novel.

SpeckCheck works with the Nix Spectro 2 (a spectrophotometer) and the Nix Mini 2 (a colorimeter).

Because it’s me, I’ve also added 3D visualization of the measurements as a little eye-candy (I put that in everything).

It’s only soft launched right now and this is the link to Nix’s marketing support for us. There is a video that shows how the solution works. (if you are interested).

Thank you to the staff at Xojo, and everyone of you who has been patient and supportive with all your tips, tricks, and recommendations. I sure appreciate this community.

PS: If you know anyone who needs a custom color managed or color quality control solution, send 'em my way!


Speck = bacon in German. With the name SpeckCheck I thought that you were doing something weightloss related.

Good luck!


A speck in English is a tiny spot, eg “a speck of dust” = Staubfusel, or “Fliegenschiss”, something that might be tiny but shouldn’t be there.

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Congrats - great achievement. Have followed your journey over the past months. Great to see it come to fruition and hope you are succesful.


And the “spec” part of Speck nods at “specification”.

Gosh I’d like some bacon!

Thank you!

Congrats Chris!,

I’ve been using these kind of devices back then, when I was working in a print shop. Good memories :blush:

If I close my eyes, I can still remember the ink smell.

Very cool Chris! ping me DM and I have a couple of companies we’re working with that might be very interested.


That’s good news… I mean that you can remember it… that means the ink fumes didn’t do damage! :slight_smile:

I know what you mean though. When I visit a customer at a plant, and smell the ink, it instantly takes me back.

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Thanks Sean.

Congrats, Chris, and what a funny coincidence! The company I am working for mainly has just integrated Nix Spectro 2 into their desktop driven color management solution.
Got the feeling there’s quite some Xojo apps behind color control (despite the rather outdated color handling in the IDE itself).


Hmmmmmm… I suspect that you may be right… in fact, I’m pretty sure I wrote the original version of that… Small world?


So you are THE Chris. Yes, definitely. :smiley:

Do not believe everything they tell you!

and to add to this… the Nix Spectro 2 is a fantastic Device. I am really happy with it. My customers are also thrilled with its performance. I’m sure yours will be too.

Never heard anything disturbing. Never heard much besides your name and the fact you created version 1 at all, to be exact.
Sadly, I develop most of the time without instruments at my hand. Don’t have to tell you about that procedure’s tendency to cause gray hair probably. But we managed to move most devices into helper apps, so performance is quite nice and fluffy for most of the instruments. I heard :wink:

You can always direct message me if you need any input or help. I know all those instruments really well.

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What a plot twist :rofl:


You had me at the German Bacon…

Good luck on your project, it looks cool!

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