iTunes, Photos and Catalina - MLMediaLibrary Deprecated

I have an app which parses the iTunes library XML file and the sqlite database file to do a better job handling drag & drops from iTunes or Both broke in Catalina, since Photos 5 uses a new database structure and is gone.

I’m trying to figure out the “right” way to do this, and it seemed like MLMediaLibrary was the answer:

But, I notice that MLMediaLibary is marked as Deprecated.

In typical Apple fasion, the documentation says nothing about what the official replacement is.

Any ideas?

Youre not alone
A lot of DJ style apps used the XML as well and they have had to tell users NOT to upgrade to Catalina yet
Dunno that there is an official answer yet

This is weird:

Didn’t Catalyst just come out a few days ago? I wonder if this is just a documentation error…

In any case, the general advice “Deprecated” doesn’t mean “Removed” - so maybe I’ll just go ahead and implement MLMediaLibrary, and figure it will at least work through 10.15 and perhaps later…