Itunes connect "Test User" can not download application receipt

After I have updated my system to macOS 10.12.5, my iTunes Connect Test User can not download the application receipt. I have made my application sandbox ready, like I have done this before the update. I console I can see this error massages:

storeuid: No delegation available
storeuid: Connection to akd was invalidated
storeuid: SandboxViolation: storeuid(1203) deny(1) mach-lookup
storeuid: bootstrap_look_up2 failed: Permission denied

User and password are correct and the same app is working on other machines with macOS lower than 10.12.

The download of the application receipt only works, when my app is located in the /Applications folder. On older macOS releases the location of my app was not important and it can be on any location.

Does anybody has a resolution for this problem?

When purchasing an app, through the store, it downloads it to the /Application folder, so maybe Apple has made a change?