It's XDC Week!

Who’s excited? What will be announced at the conference?! Make sure to follow us on Twitter for up to date announcements, we’ll be live tweeting everything!

Attendees - who’s here? Have you done anything fun in Austin yet? Fill us in!

Handful of us went to Gus’ Friend Chicken
Great stuff !

I’m on a plane headed down now. Looking forward to it.

I’m flying in tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Well there’s goes the neighbourhood :stuck_out_tongue:

[Edit] I’m looking forward to seeing most of you. :slight_smile:

[quote=182969:@Norman Palardy]Handful of us went to Gus’ Friend Chicken
Great stuff ![/quote]
Nice! Geoff loves that place. I have still not been there!

@Dana Brown: is there any live blog of Geoffs’ Keynote for those who left at home or couldn’t come?

I plan on posting to the forum during his keynote, FWIW.

You did a great job last year.

Great! Looking forward…

We’ll be live tweeting on our Twitter and we will post a blog post recap as soon as we can.

Getting ready to drive down from Dallas. Should be leaving in about 30 minutes.
Can’t wait to get down there and meet everyone!

Headed to the Orlando Airport! Are folks getting together tonight for dinner?

I’ll be there late tonight.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow…

I’m in the air and should be landing shorty after 7pm. Looking forward to all things Xojo!