It’s a strange story !

I was writing code in Xojo yesterday when I notices an error. I tried many things and when I was out of ideas, I put a break point in it.

The code resides in a PushButton.
I ran the project in the IDE, click in the button and nothing happens. I quit, check if the code resides in the PushButton I clicked on (who knows ?) and the break point was there. I ran the project in the IDE twice, thrice, to get the same result.

I cleared the folder in the Xojo Cache folder, make sure I really trashed it, emty the Trash and re-run the project.

Then, once I clicked in the PushButton, the code was executed, the debugger appears where / when I asked.

Why so ?

PS: there was no other application running, internet was off, “up to date” El Capitan, Xojo 2015r1 (my last version with a license).

Nota: I was so shocked that I shut down the MacBook Pro and do other stuff.

Random bit error, cosmic rays, who knows. I run into these types of things every now and then. It’s almost impossible to say what causes such things unless you can actually reproduce the strange behavior.

Many times I can’t reproduce it. I’ve run into a couple of machines with Windows 10 that occasionally won’t login after the computer boots up. I can’t predict when or why this will happen. It seems pretty random.

I found with google that pulling all USB devices and plugging them back in usually fixes this. I tried it this last time it happened on one of these computers and it worked. I didn’t have to force reboot it, so I guess that’s progress. Seems like lots of people have had this problem, but it hasn’t been fixed yet for some reason.

I’ve given up worrying about stuff like this. Not enough time to fiddle with such things any more.

Hi Kevin,

this time I was fortunate to realize what happens, but most of the time I do not and I waste tons of time trying to make the code working.

Last time it happens to me, the code was working fine when I was at my local McDonald’s, then I shut down, reboot at home and it does not workes any more. Until two or three days later… Boring, “angering” (?), etc. and not productive at all.

You cannot imagine how many times I wanted to send my laptop through the window…

Thank you for responding.

Yep, it is frustrating when something like this happens. Like the first time you learned about browser cache and needing to empty it sometimes to get the right web page. Or the Mac OS X shift key startup to clear out OS X caches. There’s SMC resets, zapping pram, and probably a lot more that we use from time to time. Once you know, it’s a simple troubleshooting step, but the frustration of that first time when nothing makes sense can make you want to smash things for sure.

The first time I had to cold boot a TV to make it work right a little part of me died inside.

I’ve seen articles online about fancy toilets. I wonder if anyone has ever had to cold boot one of those yet. :slight_smile: