Issues editing a cell

I recently ported an application from Windows to OSX. It has been working for years without a problem on Windows.
But I’ve just received an report about a bug from an OSX user. When he pretended to edit a cell in a List Box he clicked the cell and what he got was just the row highlighted but he could not edit the cell.
This is the code:

lb.CellType(row, column) = Listbox.TypeEditableTextField lb.EditCell row, column lb.ActiveCell.Alignment = EditField.AlignCenter
If I change the last line by

#if TargetWin32 Then lb.ActiveCell.Alignment = EditField.AlignCenter

it works, but the edit cell is not center aligned.

The question is:

  • Is this a bug?
  • If it is a bug, is it a known bug (it is not necessary to fill a bug report)?
  • Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for your attention.

This may or not related:

Try to add useless lines of code there, run, and if the code now works fine, just comment these lines.

Usually, when I have things like that, I comment the previous lines (to keep there in case…), add code that may work or not, etc. and at a moment, I found the code working for no apparent reason (no, no black voodoo).

Later, days after, I remove the commented and then useless lines and the project still works fine.

Why ? I do not know.

Thanks Emile.
It’s the most weird answer I could Imagine, but I’ll try. It’s the only thing I can do!

I Just checked on OSX…
lb.ActiveCell.Alignment = EditField.AlignCenter

Is definitely causing the problem and it is most definitely a bug!!!

BTW instead of doing alignment I did:
me.ActiveCell.BackColor = &cB8FFC400

and that works so it is specific to setting alignment of the active cell.

  • Karen

Before asking question, I checked something…

I set the column as Centered and edited a cell: you are right, the text is defaultAligned (left aligned for me !). It does not respect the Column alignment.


Sorry, but I had forgotten that there is already an open Feedback report Case #(]29780 since 2013