Issue with Ubuntu 22.04


I am using Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS (Gnome version 42.5) on X11 and Xojo 2023R1.1 and when I open a project on Xojo launch a crash occurs :

ERROR:canberra-gtk-module.c:874:on_object_disposed: assertion failed: (d->object == NULL || d->object->ref_count > 1)
Bail out! ERROR:canberra-gtk-module.c:874:on_object_disposed: assertion failed: (d->object == NULL || d->object->ref_count > 1)
Abandon (core dumped)

The issue does not occur with Wayland, but for technical reasons I can only use X11.

Is there a solution ?


Actually, I believe the issue is that you’re using X11, not that it’s Ubuntu 22.04. IIRC, I don’t think that X11 supports GTK.

Edit: or at least not enough for Xojo apps.

Xojo requirements specifically say you have to use X11 not Wayland:

Extracted: “ Xojo uses X11 as its backend to GTK+. Wayland will be supported in a future version.”

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@Stephane_REVILLARD - which version of libcanberra do you have installed?

There’s a couple of threads about an open file dialog issue but with later versions of Ubuntu.

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libcanberra version 0.30-10

This is the version automatically installed by Ubuntu during system updates.
2 weeks ago everything was working fine.

This is a critical issue as I can no longer open my projects with Xojo at all.

After investigation, I managed to work around this issue.

The problem seems to occur with the latest version of libcanberra (0.30-10Ubuntu1) installed by the Ubuntu repositories.

I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 22.04 without doing updates during the install. After installation, I prevent the updating of libraries:

sudo apt-mark hold libcanberra-gtk3-0
sudo apt-mark hold libcanberra-gtk3-module
sudo apt-mark hold libcanberra-pulse
sudo apt-mark hold libcanberra0

Once these libraries are blocked, I let Ubuntu do all the necessary updates.

Since then, I no longer have a crash with open/save file dialog.

I think Xojo team should fix this issue because it seems that I am not the only one who has encountered this problem.

Then please report it, along with this info, so they can address it.