Issue with Picture object in Windows XP

I have a very specific issue writing to a Picture object in a project built with 2014r1 and 2014r2 and running on Windows XP (SP3). The Picture object is Nil. The code is very simple:
[code]// mb is a MemoryBlock, myRS is the RecordSet and myPic1 is a Picture object


This works fine except where the (jpeg) BLOB image originates from my iPhone, and the Xojo version is as noted above, and the version of Windows is XP (SP3).

Does anyone have any idea why this particular combination should be giving a problem?

It may be a special image with something being different.
You could try our MBS JPEG Plugin with the JPEGStringToPictureMBS function.

Thanks for your suggestion, Christian, I’ll have a look at that plugin. At least it could save me from having to convert all the iPhone images and reload them into the database.

However, the project works as expected if built with 2013r2, so something would seem to have changed in the more recent releases of Xojo.

Docs are here:

there is a parameter allowdamaged and if you pass true there, it will also return images with damages and ignore some errors.