Issue with Einhugur RawJpegImporter on Windows


To illustrate, this sample code returns success on Mac, but in Windows the RawJpegImporter returns nil.

[code]Var f as FolderItem


Var mybitmap as RawBitmap
Var myImporter as new RawJpegImporter


if mybitmap<>nil then
MessageBox “Success”
MessageBox “Sorry Charlie”
end if[/code]

I am having similar results when running the GraphicsFormats example.

The default assumption is “I’m missing something.” :slight_smile:

Edit: for this example I did not check f for nil, as I would in a real project. That would be a Bad Thing. :slight_smile:

Second edit: Returns success on Ubuntu.

Is it the same picture your opening on all platforms ?

If so then by all means send us example of such picture and we check it.

You will find our support portal at:


Does not seem file-dependent but I’ll send you a couple with the example project. Thank you

For the test here I just checked for non-nil on the bitmap, of course

Could also be the full file path where the file is located in case if there is for example issue with our handle of unicode in the filepath.

It is submitted. I polished the test project for you and zipped it up with a few jpegs.

First time at your portal. Nice! :slight_smile:

There will be fix late today or tomorrow, I have gotten to the root of the problem.