Issue with 2016R1

I have just downloaded and installed 2016R1. I have recompiled a program for both Mac and Windows platforms.

The Mac version runs fine but the windows version exits with:
Missing api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll file.

Anybody else having this problem?


This is noted in the documentation next to the IDE in WindowsUniversalRuntime.pdf

Simon: Yes… :frowning: The difference is that I get the error message about the when I try to launch Xojo. Practically it is two error message in the same time:

  • Failed to locate Framwork.dll
  • The program can’t start, because the api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. To solve the problem try to reinstall the program.

I have tried to reinstall it two times, but with the same effect… :frowning: This computer runs on Windows7 32bit. On my other computer with Windows7 64 bit, everything works fine.

So Norman, what can we do with this? Step by step if possible…

Install the VC redistributable on your machine
I thought our installer would do that for you - and I think its supposed to - but if you get that exact message install the redistributable

Its right next to the IDE in Extras > Windows Runtime

I have the Same Problem with a Web App on a Windows Server - compiled with 2016.1. I installed the VC Redist.
Everytime I connect with a Socket to mysql the app Crashs.

I am getting a failure with the installer. It stops with a fail.

I tried copying the dlls directly and I get an access denied on all the art parts!

Which installer ?
If its the ones in the Extras those are MS installers - not ours :slight_smile:

[quote=258014:@Maja Linn]I have the Same Problem with a Web App on a Windows Server - compiled with 2016.1. I installed the VC Redist.
Everytime I connect with a Socket to mysql the app Crashs.[/quote]
You installed the right redist (32 or 64 bit) ?
What version of Windows Server ?
That may be relevant

Given that programmers are having trouble with this, it sounds like maybe I should wait for 2016r2 before switching my big cross-platform project to 2016r1. I really don’t want a bunch of unhappy users wrestling with installation woes that I can avoid by sticking with 2015r4.1.

An up-to-date Windows with recommended Windows updates installed (or Windows 10) already has the necessary items. But Microsoft does recommend the redist installer if you aren’t sure if your users will be up-to-date. Nothing is changing in the future regarding the Windows runtime- we have to stay current with the MS way.

I should note you are also free to include the runtime files directly with your app as documented in the PDF and skip the redist stuff. MS does not recommend this- but it is your choice.

Im with John:

I had too many support calls about various VB runtimes over the years to want to have this all over again with a Xojo app.
Checking for a set of pre-installed files puts this into Linux territory.
We’re used to ‘just’ being able to install RB apps, (then Xojo apps and their own runtimes, then a big bag of 20Mb new ones to make Text work…).

Is there a list of what runtime files exactly that need to be shipped in addition to the Xojo ones?
What is the benefit obtained from these new dependancies?

You can read more here:

We now build our Windows support with VS 2015, which requires the latest runtime. This is a requirement from MS, not us. We do ship their required files in one folder if you want to include them with your app.

What a step backwards. Amazing how for every Windows Xojo regression Microsoft gets blamed, IOS framework gets blamed, everything except geez let’s see how we can make this work better for the users. For everything MAC mountains are moved to create the user experience as smooth as possible. For Windows users, there is not limit how low it can go. Sorry for my negativism on this topic, but this is the other shoe dropping.

That is still the case for MAC builds - they just work. And if Apple changes stuff in their framework that makes new apps not work, Xojo says “go to Apple and get their new distribution files from them” - don’t think so.

I really do wish that Microsoft had gone with a universal C runtime before Windows 10, but it is a good thing they’ve done now. To their credit, they have pushed it by default to older versions through Windows Update as explained in the link above.

I still cannot get either method to work in VM.

So, now I cannot test in VM, so cannot distribute with 2016R1. I have to revert.

Unfortunately, I often have to deal with high schools and colleges where the computers barely function, let alone having the latest software updates. I am now requiring Win7 or newer, which should help a bit, we’ll see…

If that’s the case, you can just include the specific DLLs with your installer so they will be included alongside your app as noted on the Windows Runtime page.

All 40 or so? In your application’s folder?

Thats the way MS decided to set up their redistributable runtime