Issue getting XoJo app to work on Pi 3B

I have a Raspberry Pi400 and can get my XoJo apps to work fine on it.

I have a Pi3B that I’ve got the Latest Raspberry OS running on it. I’ve built a very simple app to test with a button that changes the caption on the button when you click it. I’ve installed the libunwind8 library on it, built the app for Linux ARM 32bit, copy it over to the pi 3B and it wants to know what program to open it with instead of launching the app. Again, it works fine on my pi 400, just not on the pi 3B.

Did I miss a step somewhere? Any suggestions?

Sounds like you have not given executable permission on the application, right click it and add executable on it.

If that does not solve it then…

Run it from the console to see what it complains about.


Thanks! I will try that. I don’t recall needing to do that on my Pi400, however, it’s a custom build for another system and may have some stuff I’m not aware of. I’m not a Linux expert, but can follow suggestions when pointed in the right direction :slight_smile:

That did the trick! Thanks a bunch.