Isn't Feedback harder to follow with less status?


Some months ago, Xojo decided to remove a lot of possible status in Feedback cases (e.g. “verified”, “reproducible”, “needs review”, etc. all are now “open”), thinking that was too confusing.

Perhaps it’s just my opinion based on my workflow, but I feel like the current behaviour is worse.
Previously, one could see the progress in the “Newest” or “Recently active” panes, knowing that particular issue was acknowledged (or not yet).

Now, we just know when the issue has been fixed or closed. IMO, it’s harder to predict if we can expect a fix for a given issue or must spend time in workaround (or design change).

The given reason at that time (“too many statuses are confusing”) was perhaps partially true (“verified” and “reproducible”, for instance, were often indistinguishable), but I fail to see how it’s an improvement to have moved to the other side (not enough statuses). Just merging “verified” and “reproducible” (and other similar statuses) would have been better, I think.

I’m hesitating to create a feedback case for this. I, for one, am deceived by this change. But is it worth reporting it? May Xojo go back if it’s found to be actually better?
Opinions welcome.


I wouldn’t. There was a lot of discussion at the time of the change and Xojo still decided that it was the best course of action.

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when I read that, I may wrongly think “this bug will be squashed”.

So, yes, for Xojo, this is simpler.

Now, as I said when working at Apple: “if you have time, do what you want, if you are in a hurry: write a workaround and keep a flag on the bug for future workaround removal…”.

That was when people asked me about non released (rumoured) computers: “you need a new one ? buy now; you have time… wait.”

I would expect it to be closed as “by design” … :roll_eyes:


Thanks for your replies. I’ll let Feedback be as unusable as it is.

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I read that the change was made because some users got confused by all the different statuses.

I still think that if that is the goal, then ‘Fixed’ should be changed to ‘Waiting Verification’ (now that we don’t have ‘Reproducible’ or ‘Verified’) or ‘Internal Fix’, something that is clear for users that the ‘Fix’ is not available to us yet.

Today most (some may be available to testers) of the ‘Fixed’ cases:

  • say “This case has been fixed and is waiting verification from our testing staff.”
  • are not available to users

I have seen quite a few posts in the forum, even mine, reporting that a ‘Fixed’ case is not working correctly, just to be informed that ‘Fixed’ doesn’t mean that the fix is ‘Verified’ or is part of a release, even that ‘Fixed’ case could not be part of the next release (depending on the changes involved). So even if a case is ‘Fixed’ it could take months for us to be able to use that fix.

For new Feedbalc case users and not so new, ‘Fixed’ presents a hope that ‘soon’ we will have the fix and for some ‘soon’ is sooner than what it really takes.

Yes, I did too (see the 4th paragraph in my original post).

Going from “too much, confusing, statuses” to “not enough, confusing, statuses”, is it an improvement?

I agree with what you say about the “fixed” status. The “Reviewed” status is also one I’m missing, because you knew someone at Xojo had considered it.

If I remember correctly ‘Reproducible’ was introduced because the testing staff marked cases as ‘Verified’ and people understood “ok, Xojo say it is a bug” and some cases were not bugs and after it was verified the case was closed as “not a bug”.

Then with ‘Reproducible’ the idea was to make it clear that Xojo needs more time to confirm is a bug but at least the sample code executed the same way with a staff system.

So we went from some status, to one more, to only a few in the last few years.

Anyway, I need some time to review all my ‘Archived’ cases (not a lot) to see which are still important to me.

If anything, more information is needed not less.

I know a great number of developers, who’ve simply given up filing bug reports with Apple, because that’s a big black hole that just swallows your time. It is even more insulting when Apple leave it a year, then tell you that the macOS has changed and could you please confirm if this bug is still present.

Once Xojo developers realize that nothing appears to happen with their bug reports, they’ll stop reporting them. It damages their opinion of Xojo and reduces the likelihood of them renewing in the future, or upgrading to a more expensive tier. However, I suspect I’m not the first one to say this.


Nope … I’ve given up years ago … :sob:

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There are tons of coments like this, many users just give up.

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To be a little positive, some of the bugs I have reported were quickly corrected.
I’m agree that if we see a bug and go in the Feedback and find the same bug reported by other guy noted as Fixe, it is confusing.

  • Fixe for next release.
  • Fixe for current release.
    would be more clear. Or :
  • Fixe still v2022r3.1