Is XojoWeb App competent for 100,000 Online Users(WebApp or WebService)?

Assuming I have 100,000 Online Users, undoubtly a tremendous burden, I want to know if XojoWeb could meet my needs?


Google ‘The C10K problem’. Also, if I remember correctly, Greg stated that Xojo web applications (stand-alone) create separate threads for incoming tcp socket connections to handle sessions with. If that’s true, and assuming that only 5% of your visitors have an ‘actual’ active socket open at any given time handling client/server processes… that there is already 5K active threads on a single app (and Xojo doesn’t even support CPU multithreading at this time). No thread scheduler is going to be able to handle that. To even begin attempting what you’re doing, you’re going to need load-balancing, an application that can support that internally, and several servers. That’s just the start…

thx, that’s what I want