Is Xojo Windows 11 compatible?

A stuborn asked me repetitively if Xojo is Windows 11 compatible and I do not found a positive answer.

The blog entry dates from last June (2021).

The Requirements page talks only about Windows 10:

This guy wanted to buy a laptop with Windows 10 because Windows 11 is too young. I gave him the market share for W10 and W11, but his answer was “Windows 11 was released in October !”.

I will stop to talk about that with him, but… I searched and found nothing.

For some people, if they can’t read it somewhere, this does not exists !

I even gave him the mail address telling: "You have questions ? They have answers”…

I do not even tell you about signing and notarizing an application (he was lol !)…

For Xojo, the Windows 11 version is just a newer variant of Windows 10, so it just works.

This is not a problem for me, I only - eventually - need to have a web page @ where this is explained.

I told him “take our application you actually use (since 2013) and fire it on a Windows 11 computer”…

And what I asked here, I am quite sure many potential users want to read that too !

Xojo applications compiled for Windows on macOS work on Windows 11 correctly as well as remote debugging.

Yes, Xojo is compatible with Windows 11. We will get the System Requirements page updated soon.

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PS: I had no doubt at all, but some people needs dot above i…

This is too much… with as an answer “THANK YOU”, this forum software says:

The forum software does not like sentences in all caps. Please use proper punctuation.


I have been using 2016R3 since then because it offers true transparency. I now develop under Windows 11, and sell in the Microsoft Windows Store which caters to Windows 10 and 11. No issue reported.

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I’ve had graphics issues reported to me by customers but I brushed them off as Xojo doesn’t support Windows 11 because it wasn’t listed in the documentation.

Be very wary, there are Windows 11 issues, and now that I know Xojo is supporting the platform I will report them.