Is dead?

hi guys , is there a problem with , it is unreachable for me , request timed out

working for me, Munich, Germany - Europe.

Look fine:

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Belgium dead, romania dead, qatar works just until the login part and it dies. i guess they have some dns issues

Same IP everywhere. Can you try the IP directly?

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I get

PING ( 56 data bytes

Request timeout for icmp_seq 0

Request timeout for icmp_seq 1

Request timeout for icmp_seq 2

Request timeout for icmp_seq 3

But forum works so I guess maybe something somewhere , if I try forum from another pc and I’m not logged in it redirects me to login and there it dies.

The mysteries of the internet. you definitely chose an accurate topic title to wake up every Xojo employee in the early morning to check the settings :wink: .


:grinning: well it does not work, what to do. Just got the new Mac mini m1 and wanted to try Xojo but apparently no luck I guess I’ll try later.

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Let me check if the download might be located on a different IP, never checked that.

Sorry, I forgot that you have to log in. I’m always logged in :slight_smile: . That’s a nightmare indeed, when you have a new toy. Crossfingers it will work again soon.

This happens to me, sometimes.

Straßburg, France.

PS: it happened earlier today (5:00 thru 5:25~), after the Earth Quake here in Elsass… for all internet.

I’m sorry I didn’t report this yesterday. At around 4 pm central I was not able to visit from Austin using ATT internet (office).

Right now I have no problems.

it is working OK in London tooo

BTW - I strongly suggest that you not ping our servers. That’s considered a precursor to attack by our firewall software and will get you blocked for a few hours.


thanks Greg, well that’s a funny way to put it, so how else we should know If the domain is ok or not ? So far no matter from where I go I press download XOJO, it takes me to Login , I press Sign In and the site just freezes , so things that supposed to work right away don’t work apparently . Maybe you could have a look on the login process ,that would help .

As for the block, thanks for sharing , I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if still works or not.

Thanks again.

You wrote PC this morning. Are you on a PC or on macOS. macOS in the latest release is quite strong in caching DNS settings. You can google for ways to reset the DNS cache on your local machine, but for me if this happens (when I changed for instance settings on my own servers) a reboot seems to be the easiest way. What I meant with the IP address, is to enter that one directly to the browser, to bypass any DNS issues, not to ping it. Most servers ban you these days if you are trying to ping them.

Use a browser to go to the URL. if you cannot reach one of our sites, you should reach out to us via email or Twitter.

You could also use a utility like

That said, we did have an outage this morning, but that should be resolved now.

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Hello Jeannot well by definition a Mac is as well a pc , the operating system is different. in my case I have only Macs .


Thanks, I’ll keep in mind that. was unreachable by me for the last 24 hours in California USA
Just now was able to reach the domain

Works fine in eastern part of Canada, Province of Québec (18:33).