Is x64 build OK for the M1 Chip?

Hi, quick question, I’d seach on M1, but the search string is too short. I was under the impression that I was going to have to rebuild later this summer, but a couple of my users have said our program will run on the M1 machines. Is that correct? It is just the nomral x64 build out of 2020r2 that runs on my regular Mac running 10.16. Any help would be appreciated.

You need to test your app yourself.

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Thanks, I am aware of that, I don’t have an M1 machine yet. I am asking is there the possibility that it will run and if so how is that accomplished? Does the machine emulate x64 code? I’m just figuring out what to do next, and what to tell users right now.

It will trans-code it to arm code the first time you run it. So performance will be decent.

It is the same as when Apple went to x86 from PPC though, users quickly want native regardless if it matters a lot or not in the context of the given application.

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Due to Rosetta 2 on Big Sur and M1 Macs, most x64 apps should work. You’d have to test to be 100% sure, of course.

More information here:

Great, thanks. I was planning on recompiling later on, but we’re in the middle of a busy season at work so it will have to wait until the spring. But this is the information I was after, I was under the impression that it would not run at all. I will rebuild in a couple of months after I get a machine here to test on.