Is URLConnection broken in 2022r1?

I am trying to send a JSON string to a cloud server. If I paste the URL string into a browser, I get ‘OK’ back which is expected. When it executes in my Xojo app, I get an error 12005 that says “The URL is invalid.” My code is

var url As String = “” + Reading.ToString
URLConnect = new myURLConn
URLConnect.Send(“GET”, url, 60)

and the URL that I pasted in the browse (copied from the debugger) is[{“SerNo”:“220414010”},{“Data”:[{“MB”:131,“When”:“2022-04-14 14:47:01”,“Port”:“B”,“KWH”:398960,“Hex”:“hex”,“Note”:""},{“MB”:144,“When”:“2022-04-14 14:47:01”,“Port”:“A”,“KWH”:10241201,“Hex”:“hex”,“Note”:""}]}]

myURLConn is a subclass of URLConnection that handles the ‘OK’ response. ‘Reading’ is the name of the JSONItem.

That URL is definitely invalid. When you paste it into a URL bar, the browser is making it URL safe under the hood. You need to EncodeURLComponent GET parameters. It is much better to POST JSON data.


You also have the scheme malformed. It should be

You have missing the two slashes


Implemented both fixes and thankfully php did the decoding automatically. POST may be more efficient but the php script didn’t work and I have no idea how to debug it so I stayed with GET.