Is this available as download somewhere?

I am trying to follow this page to create a database connection with the UI so I can apply this to my own app, but I am getting so many errors even after simply copy pasting the example code. Is this example database somewhere available as download so I can see what I am doing wrong?

seems here

Have you looked in the Xojo folder?
There is a folder Example Projects.
In that folder Database —> SQLite
You can start with examining SQLiteExample.xojo_binary_project.

Have a link ?

your link the third row is a download with zip at google drive.
you can edit / view database with a tool “DB Browser for SQLite”

Please, share the link as I do not foundit.

No, thank you, I have my own.

I found it: I displayed the page source (as html) and searched for google.

The link is before the Introduction paragraph. Since the linked text is not underlined, I do not saw it.

June 2019 and February 5th, pages does not had the link.

ups i thought andre asked for the link.
yes it had no underline but different color.

With my old eye, I do not noticed the color change.

Javier better use xDev (Steve) way of doing (using an icon).