is this a candidate for web application?

I have a small desktop app
4 windows handling lookup and search of a small sqlite local db with 4 tables
probably about 1,000 records
users can also edit, delete and add records
We want to make this now multi-user, change the db to something like Postgres

Would you recommend making this a web app rather than connecting the desktop app
the the remote db server?

if you use postgresql, it will be better to do a desktop App. Then you can use database notifications to update other clients.

If the “remote db server” is on the web, not the LAN, then it’s better to do a web app.

Definitely WebApp, assuming a WebApp can do all the desktop app could — if only to make new versions/users trivial.

The advantage of a web app is that it will be accessible from all devices including mobile.

A web app can do pretty much the same as a desktop app. However, the native Listbox in there is read only and if you load 1000 lines they will all go into the page code, slowing down display. Better separate data storage and display.

Third party developers such as and both have editable listboxes.