Is this a bug in Xojo?

Hey there,

When developing an app, I came across a very strange problem. So what I did was created a blank project and decided to reproduce the steps and it seems that this bug very easily occurs under no very specific situations. If this is a bug, what would be the best quick fix? The problem is the font changes to bold with the text of a groupbox if you place it within another groupbox.

I do not even seem to be able to change the formatting of the text in anyway. It is always the same font, size, and formatting for things like italic and underline.


For a long time it’s been a problem putting group boxes in other group boxes. I thought that had been fixed in recent releases but apparently not. Search for a feedback case and add on to it. The fix is not nesting group boxes. :frowning:


Well, I have not found a feedback case on this.

Ah, found it. It dates at least back to 2008!! ‘me.parent = nil’, will work for now.